Member Sponsorship Declaration Form

This form is to be completed by the SPONSOR only, not the candidate. Your candidate will receive an invitation to apply once you confirm and submit this declaration. Please refer to the WEDC Path to Membership document for criteria and requirements all candidates must meet. If your question is not answered in the document, you may reach out to membership at

The last day to submit the Sponsorship Declaration Form is August 15th.

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Sponsor Contact Information

Co-Sponsor Contact Information

Candidate Contact Information

Sponsor Responsibilities

I have read the WEDC Membership Handbook and Path to Membership documents and understand my role and responsibilities as a Sponsor. (Click document titles to review).

I understand a member can only Sponsor one person and Co-Sponsor one person per year.
A new WEDC member (less than 12 months) may only Co-Sponsor one person during their first year as a member but cannot Sponsor a new member during this time. 

Ensure the candidate completes her application package (including resume & photo) and pays the NON-REFUNDABLE application fee by August 30th.

Present information about my candidate, or arrange for co-sponsor to present in my absence, (candidate does NOT attend) to the WEDC Board in September.

Personally contact my new member to congratulate and welcome her should she be approved for membership, or arrange for the co-sponsor to contact her if I am unable.

Ensure my new member understands the attendance and committee participation expectations and follow up with her to encourage successful completion.

Attend the New Member Orientation meeting with my candidate in October, or ensure that her co-sponsor will attend if I am unable.

Participate in the Membership Induction Ceremony with my new member and Co-Sponsor at the October Leadership Meeting. If I am unable to attend, ensure that her Co-Sponsor will be there.

Commit to guiding and encouraging my new member during her Charter Year through regularly occurring meetups and communications outside of Leadership Development Meetings.

Introduce my new member to other WEDC members to facilitate a smooth transition into the organization and facilitate a sense of belonging and inclusion.

I have discussed the WEDC Membership Expectations (including attendance, financial requirements, & committee participation) and the WEDC Purpose, Vision, and Mission with the candidate. 

I have discussed WEDC Membership with this candidate and officially invited her to apply for membership on the following date:

Candidate Requirements

With the selection of the box below, I certify that this candidate meets the following membership criteria and therefore will be invited to apply. Select all criteria that apply.
If you are not sure or have questions or concerns regarding her eligibility, please contact membership at

Business Owner / Entrepreneur - the candidate must have been working full time in her business for at least one year and have demonstrated leadership experience. The business must have a business license. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) will only be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Business executive or mid-level manager with supervisory and/or other significant responsibilities.
Degreed or Licensed Professional - Examples would be a doctor, lawyer, or a CPA.
The Board will consider exceptional candidates who do not fall into another category, for example, women serving in public office.
Retired woman who previously belonged to one of the above categories.
A candidate that has successfully completed the WEDC Milestones Program.

My candidate and I understand the attendance requirements as stated in the WEDC Path to Membership.
She has or will attend a minimum of three Leadership Development Meetings from September 1st of last year and before August 31st of this year. 

Candidate Recommendation
For each question, please answer to the best of your knowledge and be thoughtful in your response.

Does she share the WEDC's Values & Beliefs as outlined in the WEDC Member Handbook?

By typing my name below, I certify that all information provided as part of this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.